Trains Are Great! But What L.A. Needs Are Bus Lanes

trains_are_great.pngSeven Transportation Experts Push for a Bolder and More Inclusive Transportation System

“Nobody walks in L.A.,” or so goes the 1984 song by Missing Persons. That refrain is an exaggeration, of course, but L.A. is ranked below other cities in walkability and pedestrian-friendliness. Last year, the city earned a Walk Score of just 64— compared to San Francisco’s 84 and New York’s 88. As far as the quality of its public transit, Walk Score ranked L.A. ninth in the nation, noting that in this city, “your best bet is to live close to work.”

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Sharing in the Inner City - Ensuring that the Sharing Economy and a Livable City are accessible to all Angelenos


Guest blog by Isela Gracian - President of the East Los Angeles Community Corporation

With Sandra McNeill - Executive Director of T.R.U.S.T. South LA

In the 5th grade, I was told to write a letter to Santa Claus. All the other kids asked for bikes, dolls, clothes--but I asked that everyone be housed and fed. From a young age, I saw how hard it was for people of color or who spoke other languages to get jobs and housing in Los Angeles. My colleague, Sandra McNeill, had similar experiences in Mexico and Seattle, where she saw the basic inequities inherent in our economic systems, leaving some neighborhoods with good infrastructure, nice bike lanes, green spaces and trees, while other places are neglected and blighted.

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Cielito Lindo Press Statement


A Statement from the President of East LA Community Corporation:

Addressing Gentrification and the Boyle Heights Affordability Crisis

As we see the end of summer upon us, East LA Community Corporation (ELACC), an economic and social justice organization based here in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, moves in to Phase I of the Cielito Lindo Apartments, an affordable housing development.

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