Carla de Paz Community Organizer

Carla joined ELACC in 2013 as the Lead Organizer for a team that activated small business owners throughout the city in support of the Legalize Street Vending Campaign. With Carla’s guidance, this team activated over 400 small business owners to sign petitions, write letters to their council member, make phone calls to their council members, and post on social media all in support of legalizing street vending. In 2014, Carla assumed the role of Community Organizer for ELACC’S Metro Campaign. Since then, she’s held a Transit Oriented District (TOD) University for 25 community leaders where they learned the complexities of equitable development in transit-oriented districts with a focus on affordable housing. As a representative of ELACC within the Alliance for Community Transit-Los Angeles, Carla is currently working with other organizers to plan 4 TOD tours in different areas of the city. These tours are bringing together community leaders from different organizations to learn about each other’s experiences with TOD related issues and creating a space to strategize for city wide changes that will create an equitable transit system.

Before joining ELACC, Carla worked for SEIU-ULTCW for 4 years organizing nursing home workers throughout Southern California. While at SEIU, Carla helped workers at 4 nursing homes organize a union in their workplace and helped workers at 6 other nursing homes fight to improve their union contracts. Carla graduated from UCLA in 2010 with a B.A in Political Science and Labor and Workplace Studies.

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