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$517 million in Economic Stimulus Generated by Los Angeles Street Vendors

Los Angeles' Street Vendors contribute to the economic vitality of the city and yet the current ban on street vending is blocking their full potential. A new report Sidewalk Stimulus:Economic and Geographic Impact of Los Angeles Street Vendors states that Vendors Generate $517 million in economic activity a year.

Real Estate Development

Our Real Estate Development Department is a core program for ELACC that works to fill the need for quality affordable rental and for-sale housing in Boyle Heights and Unincorporated East Los Angeles for very-low and low-income families. The housing we develop improves the quality of life for residents and increases pride through community engagement, while providing a built-in network of support for families and their children.

Community Wealth

The wealth gap between Latino families and other Americans has never been starker. According to the Pew Research Center, the average Latino family lost 2/3 of its wealth between 2005 and 2009 due to the housing crisis. The goal of the Community Wealth department is to fix the gap by fostering self-sufficient households with the promotion of wealth and asset building in East Los Angeles through financial

Read our latest draft of "El Plan del Pueblo Para Boyle Heights" (The People's Plan for Boyle Heights)

Our updated version includes more in-depth information about Boyle Heights and the opportunities members identified for the future of their community. For ELACC, this plan serves as the core of our land-use and development principles and the guide for our community engagement work in Boyle Heights.

Community Organizing

ELACC’s community organizing work is fighting the displacement of families by building grassroots leadership, social consciousness, and community-driven development. Our organizing work focuses on leadership development and community empowerment by facilitating civic engagement with Boyle Heights’ low-income residents, with the goal of advocating for responsible urban and economic development that benefits existing residents.

Tenant Services

Since 2007, our Tenant Services programs have focused on helping our clients better address their day-to-day struggles, whether there is a lack of affordable childcare options, poor English skills or isolation in their community. Each year, the department serves over 300 tenants at five affordable housing sites in both English and Spanish.