Maury Espinoza Ruano Senior Project Manager

Mr. Ruano joined ELACC in 2010 after a decade of developing both affordable housing for a regional non-profit affordable housing development organization and market-rate small lot subdivisions within the City of Los Angeles. His duties at ELACC involve building the pipeline for the Real Estate Development Department and management of all phases of real estate development. Having experience in both the non-profit and market-rate world allows him to analyze sites and manage any development with an entrepreneurial spirit and without losing a sense of social justice. Mr. Ruano obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and completed some graduate studies in History of Architecture from the Venice Institute of Architecture in Venice, Italy. After practicing architecture for a few years and realizing that he could have more impact on the built environment and advocate for social justice as a developer, Mr. Ruano resumed his studies and obtained a Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) degree from the University of Southern California. Mr. Ruano has been a Board Member of Venice Community Corporation for 11 years and previous chairperson of its Housing Development Committee.

Eastsider Tidbit – “I love the Boyle Heights Farmers Market, which takes place every Friday evening at the Mariachi Plaza. The event is more like a Fiesta than your typical farmers market in other communities. There’s always a local musical act to enjoy.”

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