Mayra Hernandez Youth Program Coordinator

Mayra’s Hernandez is the Youth Program Coordinator for ELACC’s Tenant Services Department. Originally, Mayra was recruited as a volunteer by her own mother who was part of the team that founded the volunteer tutoring program. Eager and enthusiastic, Mayra began supporting volunteers, helping children relate to characters from literature and getting parents involved in their reading, which dramatically improved literacy for ELACC’s youth residents. She helped ELACC grow its S.T.A.R.S. program from a weekly program to a daily one, helping not only in the classroom but with capacity to ensure that the vulnerable children have adequate face time with college-educated or college-bound adults and peers. Additionally, Mayra leveraged her other volunteering work at White Memorial Hospital and local high schools to recruit over 60 new volunteers to ELACC’s program. Mayra is a Halo Award Nominee because of her demonstrated commitment to her community that also includes working on everything from political campaigns to bus rider surveys to help lift up her neighborhood.

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