Roberto Garcia Ceballos Community Organizer

Roberto Garcia-Ceballos is a community organizer with ELACC’s Metro campaign, focusing on the leadership development of involved member-leaders. He first got connected with ELACC through the Right to The City Alliance, where he worked with ELACC‘s staff and other member organizations of RTTC to create political education curriculum for the Homes for All campaign. Prior to coming to ELACC he organized with Springfield No One Leaves in Springfield, MA fighting no-fault evictions and foreclosures caused by banks and lending institutions. While in graduate school, he worked with the United Auto Workers 2322 as a labor and social justice educator and organized graduate employees. Roberto received a Master’s in Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and B.A. in Sociology at San Jose State University. As an immigrant born in Mexico City and raised in San Jose, CA - his interest in social justice and community organizing is rooted in firsthand experiences of the barriers that poor people, people of color, immigrants, and other oppressed people face while pursuing self-determination and survival in the United States. Because of these experiences, he feels a strong devotion to base building and conviction in taking the lead of those directly impacted by economic and political inequality.

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