The ELACC Model


Comprehensive Community Development

ELACC is a community development corporation focused on developing housing for local residents, as well as the quality of life for those residents and their wider community. We see affordable housing, home ownership, and financial education as crucial steps toward a broader goal of economic stability and ultimately well being for our community.

To this end, ELACC’s unique model for community development combines service provision with community engagement that empowers residents to be significantly involved in making decisions for their neighborhood. We believe this approach changes the system from a practice of "planning being done to us" to "planning being done with us."

ELACC’s approach has four complementary components:

  • Housing Development: Increase the supply of quality affordable housing by building and/or rehabilitating multi-family housing for very-low and low-income households in Boyle Heights, Unincorporated East Los Angeles, and other Latino communities.
  • Assets and Wealth Building: Provide financial education, first-time home buying and foreclosure prevention programs, while providing support to clients to help build their financial resources. ELACC is a HUD certified counseling agency.
  • Tenant Services: Provide support to our clients to better address their day-to-day struggles, such as lack of affordable child care, as well as tutoring and English classes to improve communication.
  • Community Organizing: We work with local residents to build power by developing grassroots leadership and to ensure that they are active in the decision making process in the community.

Working together, these components ensure that local residents have a roof over their heads, money to feed their families, the services they need to advance in life, and a forum to make their voices heard.

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