Tlahuizolli de la Concha

Tlahuizolli is the proud daughter of a "luchona and brave" single mother. Her family migrated to the United States in search of opportunity and like too many they lived in the shadows.  As an undocumented student/worker she felt invisible, and lived with the constant reminder that any day her family could be torn apart. It was early in her teens that she become involved and began to fight for herself and in support of others that like her, were being denied basic human rights. She became involved with a local community Aztec dance group whose main focused was to support community struggles, it was then that her consciousness was awoken as she learned that her struggle was the struggle of millions.

Growing up in East Los Angeles has given Tlahuizolli a very unique perspective on the endless potential of an organized community that has overcome extreme challenges in order to thrive. Tlahuizolli views these challenges as opportunities for community growth and development. This philosophy is what attracted Tlahuizolli to pursue a career in the non-profit sector. Tlahuizolli graduated with honors from LATTC with an AA degree in Community Planning and Economic Development in 2014. She completed the Public Allies program in 2015, and was then hired at CADRE as a full time Community Organizer/ Program Associate. Tlahuizolli joined ELACC early 2016. She is an administrative assistant working behind the scenes to ensure that ELACC runs smoothly.  She feels fortunate to be able to work in an environment where people are passionate about social justice and community.

Eastside Tidbit: "Great variety of delicious traditional food, vibrant conscious art movement, and a strong drive to rescue and revive culture"​

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