Originally published by KABC

In East Los Angeles on the corner of East First St. and Rowan Ave., a groundbreaking took place this week for an affordable-housing complex, which will house homeless veterans and low-income families.

“There is nothing worst to me than a homeless vet,” said Tony Zapata, a U.S. Navy veteran and with the Veteran of Foreign Wars, who witnessed the event. “Any veteran we can get off the street is a big plus for me.”

The project, El Nuevo Amancer Apartments, will include 61 units: 31 for veterans, 28 for families and 2 for property management.

“As we know, the homeless count went up. The veterans count for homeless went down a bit,” said Hilda Solis, Los Angeles County Supervisor for District 1. “But, we need to do so much here; especially in communities like East LA.”

What used to stand on what is now a construction site was a commercial complex with multiple business. Once the new building is up, it will have retail spaces on the first floor and the apartments upstairs.

“We’re very fortunate that all of our partners came together to help invest well over, I believe $30 million,” said Solis. “And, the county put in almost $10 million.”

Crew workers are expected to finish building the apartments by the end of 2020.

“This project here will help bring some veterans in and get a roof over their head, an address where friends and family can visit them,” said Zapata.

East LA Community Corporation (ELACC), Supervisor Hilda Solis and New Direction for Veterans are working together to make this happen.