What You Need to Get Started

Gathering all your tax documents ensures an accurate return and fast refund.

It is required that you bring all the following tax-related documents to your tax appointment:

  • All taxpayers must be present with photo identification.

  • Social Security cards or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) letter for all the people you list on your tax return.

  • Copies of last year’s federal and state tax returns.

  • Birthdates for all the people you list on your return.

  • All income statements, such as Forms W-2 and 1099, Social Security and unemployment compensation, as well as other statements such as pensions, stocks, interest and any documents showing taxes withheld.

  • If you are self-employed or make cash, collect records of all your income and expenses.

  • Form 1098, for payments to tuition, student loan interest, mortgage interest, or real estate taxes.

  • Forms 1095A if you purchased insurance coverage through Covered California.

  • Identity theft PIN issued by the IRS.

  • Bank routing numbers and account numbers to direct deposit any refund.

Returns that are considered Out-of-Scope

If any of the following apply, we are not able to assist you:

  • Incomes more than $64,000

  • Married Filing Separately returns (If you are legally married & file alone – you may be a Married Filing Separate taxpayer – this is out of scope and we will not be able to assist you).

  • Self-employed or cash income with certain deductions:

    • Taking expenses with no proof (receipts, documented mileage, etc. are required).

    • Business related expenses over $20,000.

    • Have a loss.

    • Businesses with employees, inventory, or business property.

    • Returns for companies and/or businesses.

Self-employed taxpayers may benefit from seeing a paid preparer to take deductions with no proof or cannot substantiate. The free program follows guidelines set by the IRS. 

  • Cancelled debt income (Forms 1099C and 1099A) for foreclosures or short sales.

  • Handwritten tax documents (W-2, 1099, 1098, etc.).

  • Returns for visitors, such as “F,” “J,” “M,” or “Q” visas, that require a 1040NR tax return.

  • Foreign Income.

  • Royalty Income.

  • Partnership or income from an LLC (Form K-1).

  • Rental Income or income from AirBnB.

  • Sale of cryptocurrencies. Please, see a paid preparer. 

  • Sale of stocks with more than 20 sales. Please, see a paid preparer.


Forms that WE DO NOT NEED (These are nontaxable):

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Child Support

  • Veterans Benefit

  • Life insurance when someone passes

  • Settlements not related to a job or employment

  • CalFresh or food assistance

  • CalWorks or welfare cash assistance from the county

  • Inheritance, gifts, or bequests

  • Alimony for divorces after 2018

  • Money from a scholarship is not taxable. However, if you use the money for room and board, or use it to pay other personal expenses, that portion is normally taxable.

  • Health insurance from an employer or county (Forms 1095B and 1095C)