Lucha Reyes Apartments
adjacent to Mariachi Plaza

East LA’s Community Corporation’s proposed project, Lucha Reyes Apartments, will include 60 units of desperately needed affordable housing for families with low to moderate income in the east side. 

Our team met with hundreds of residents during 10 community meetings to design the site, determine its features, and explore functions beyond housing, including adding a community garden and hosting a mariachi cultural center on the ground floor. 

The result is a project designed to embrace and uplift the contribution of cultural entrepreneurs to our community, not limit their access to the plaza or prevent residents from patronizing their services. 

The current conceptual rendering – a product of community feedback from our outreach – does add shade structures as a public benefit for the mariachis and others who often spend all day in the sun, but it is not final. We are currently planning future discussions with the community to talk about your vision for the project. 

Lucha Reyes Apartments will include the following:
  • 60 units of affordable housing serving families and individuals at 30% to 50% AMI
  • 30 units set-aside for Permanent Supportive Housing for Transitional Aged Youth who are homeless (families and individuals) and will provide full-time individual case management, mental and supportive health services, as well as other service coordination services on and off-site
  • 26 studio units, 19 one-bedroom units, 8 two-bedroom units, and 7 three-bedroom units; 1 one-bedroom and 1 two-bedroom units are set-aside for the Property Managers
  • Ground floor commercial retail for local-serving businesses and a Mariachi Cultural Center: up to 6,340 sq ft of commercial retail space and 2,035 sq ft allocated for the cultural center, respectively
  • 16 parking spaces for commercial tenants and guests
  • 30 residential parking spaces
  • 9,105 sq ft of open space and a 4,300 sq ft for a community garden across the street
  • 48 Long-term bicycle parking; 4 short term

Have additional questions? See our fact sheet for Lucha Reyes Apartment below and click here to read our official statement. For further questions, comments or concerns, please email us at

Lucha Reyes Apartments Fact Sheet


  • Lucha Reyes apartments will be built in the EMPTY LOT in the northeast corner of Bailey St and Pennsylvania St, not on the plaza.
  • Our architect worked with the community to design the building and the area around the Plaza. Residents formed a Design Committee during October 2018 and achieved the final design together.
  • We listened and added trees to the Lucha Reyes Plaza design so you can enjoy the Plaza during the warm summer months!


  • ELACC hosted 10 public meetings between March 2018 and September 2019.
  • We listened to your priorities, feedback, and what you wanted for the plaza.
  • This is a community-driven design. We want to continue building this project with you.
  • We need you at our meetings. Your voice is important and we want you to join our community stakeholder meetings. View our community calendar at or call (323) 269-4214.


  • This project will NOT displace the mariachis. Mariachi culture and vitality is important to ELACC. 
  • The Mariachis asked us for a cultural space to honor their history and we listened! ELACC added a space for a cultural center to the design.
  • Mariachis will have a space to meet, showcase their talent, and have events.
  • ELACC wants the community to have a space for the mariachis, by the mariachis and for the enjoyment of all. We will continue to work with and support the Mariachis as we have for many years.


  • ELACC will NOT evict small businesses around the plaza. At ELACC, we value our small business neighbors, they are the lifeline of the community and we are committed to preserving the businesses on and around the plaza.
  • ELACC has worked with small businesses on Mariachi Plaza and the First Street Corridor for nearly a decade and helped form the First Street Community Businesses Association to combat displacement.
  • Do your part and BUY LOCAL from the businesses at and around the Plaza and along the 1st Street Corridor!


  • ELACC currently provides homes for nearly 2,000 low- and moderate-income residents across the Eastside.
  • Lucha Reyes Apartments will add another 60 units of affordable housing to the area.
  • ELACC believes housing is a human right and is dedicated to providing residents quality housing that the community deserves and needs.
  • Find out more about our properties and the tenants we serve on our website.


  • Our commercial tenants are local entrepreneurs, community-based organizations, and cultural institutions.
  • Support our commercial tenants at the Boyle Hotel across from Mariachi Plaza: Libros Schmibros, La Monarca, and Adame Salon.
  • ELACC partners with other organizations to provide Community Owned Real Estate (CORE) that helps local businesses own the spaces they lease.

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