May 11, 2021

Today, ELACC was made aware that police were called to Casa del Mexicano after a protest led by gardeners and neighbors gathered at the gate blocking Verizon’s construction crew from entering the parking lot. ELACC did not call the police. LAPD was called by security patrols hired by Verizon when protestors continued to block the driveway entrance to the property. 

ELACC supports our community’s right to protest in public spaces and exercise their free speech, like neighbors and gardeners have done so today. ELACC did not interfere with the community’s protest today. 

As we have stated in our previous communications, while we are sensitive to the concerns of our community, ELACC must abide by the terms of the lease agreement and allow Verizon to enter the site to begin construction. You can contact Verizon at or at (949) 933- 4647 with any questions regarding permits or the tower. For media inquiries to ELACC, please contact Abigail Wood at and for general questions, please email

Please see our dedicated webpage regarding the Verizon Tower at Casa del Mexicano

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